Roger Gleaves and assocociates

Reasons for the Excommunication of Illtyd Thomas
Interested parties who wish to receive documentary evidence held against Illtyd Thomas should contact Bishop Seán Manchester. In the meantime, the following facts, supported by witness testimony, are communicated to clear up any amibiguity or uncertainty that may exist:

——  When Bishop Seán Manchester and others in his church who accompanied him first made contact with Illtyd Thomas in early 1990, they did so as an existing church which Bishop Seán Manchester led.

—— At no time during Bishop Seán Manchester’s period of preparation for diaconation, ordination to the priesthood and episcopal consecration was he under an Oath of Canonical Obedience to Illtyd Thomas.
—— At no time has Bishop Seán Manchester ever signed anything resembling an Instrument of Canonical Obedience to Illtyd Thomas. He has always maintained his independence.
—— It was always understood during Bishop Seán Manchester’s preparation for Holy Orders that he came to Illtyd Thomas as an independent church and, therefore, remained autocephalous before, during and after the threefold ordinations that transmitted lines of apostolic succession, which was the sole object of the exercise.
—— Three bishops took part in the episcopal consecration of Bishop Manchester in October 1991, including Bishop Michael Weston of Ealing, London, and Bishop James Henry Vermeulen of Holland.

It is uncanonical for Illtyd Thomas or anyone else to lay claim to possess power to “laicise” Bishop Seán Manchester. Illtyd Thomas claimed this after falling under the influence of a convicted felon and pseudo-occultist by the name of David Farrant in early 2007. Such allegations instantly render the claimant suspect as any action of this kind will be regarded uncanonical and without meaning by other churches. David Farrant has been waging a malicious vendetta against traditional Christians in general and Bishop Seán Manchester in particular for agreat many years. Farrant has criminal convictions for malicious vandalism in a cemetery, indecency in a churchyard, tomb desecration by the use of black magic, threatening witnesses in a colleague’s sex case with voodoo “death dolls” transfixed with pins (Farrant‘s colleague was later found guilty of sexually assaulting a young boy), illegal possession of a firearm, and theft from a hospital. Farrant was sentenced to a term of four years and eight months imprisonment at London’s Old Bailey in June 1974. He has shown absolutely no remorse since his release and has exponentially worsened with time. Farrant was interviewed by journalist Virginia Wheeler for The Sun newspaper in October 2006 which squalid revelations were published on Hallowe’en 2006 and can be read at the following link:,,2-2006500393,00.html

A member of the Ecclesiastical Law Society brought to our attention documentary evidence that Illtyd Thomas hasa criminal conviction for theft, has blessed homosexual “unions” and has wittingly “ordained” sexually active sodomites. Illtyd Thomas also cultivated a close association with the one of the most notorious paedophiles in criminal history in the UK – Roger Gleaves – who “ordained” him sub conditione( we now possess copies of the “Instruments”) despite Illtyd Thomas always having strenuously denied this allegation against him. He is also known to have had  associations with various other paedophiles, many of whom are now deceased. It has been known for a long time that Illtyd Thomas has had innumerable occult connections – including Masons, Theosophists and sundry occultists – some of whom he illicitly ordained. David Farrant, possibly Britain’s most infamous self-publicist in phoney witchcraft and pseudo-occultism today, befriended Illtyd Thomas in early 2007, having been an invited guest to Illtyd Thomas’ Muswell Hill home in north London. Farrant, who has lived on state benefits throughout his life (he was born in January1946), resides less than a mile from Illtyd Thomas in an attic bed-sitting room he has occupied since his parole release from prison.

Since his collusion with Farrant in early 2007, Illtyd Thomas has been the subject of much discussion and concern by innumerable Old Catholic jurisdictions in the UK. It had already been decided to excommunicate Illtyd Thomas upon discovery in December 2006 that he is still alive. He had been investigated thoroughly with due consideration since documentary evidence was received in 2002.

Hence, at thirteen hundred hours, ie 1.00 pm (GMT), on the Feast of St David, the former bishop of the autocephalous Old Catholic jurisdiction known as the “Celtic Catholic Church” was duly excommunicated on the grounds of violating the sacred species and his office by ordaining and consecrating sexually active homosexuals, paedophiles, occultists and criminals; being guilty of heresy by accepting sexually active homosexual, paedophile and occultic clergy,and colluding with a malefic individual who is a pseudo-occultist, ie David Farrant, to do harm to the ministry, church and person of another autocephalous Old Catholic jurisdiction overseen by Bishop Seán Manchester. The excommunication was officiated and led by Bishop Manchester using the traditional formula in the Roman Rite.



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